General remarks

Why invest in Timisoara (Romania)?
There are many reasons, some of them briefly:

Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and with its almost 23 million inhabitants a large market that is not yet fully developed. Wages and salaries are relatively low when compared with other European countries - at an equivalent qualification.

The western part of the country (the Banat - with the capital Timisoara) has been long part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is felt to this day: work ethic, reliability, and level of education are the European level closest to throughout Romania.

Due to its location (near the border with Hungary and Serbia) is Timisoara well suited as a "bridgehead" for further expansion eastwards. In addition, the city has a relatively good infrastructure with rail highway access and a stable economy.

Last but not least for investors is the local real estate market despite the flattening in recent years - due to the international banking and economic crisis - still (or right now) very interesting, since the prices slightly (by about 15 - 20%) have fallen ie currently good deals are possible. It appears that the situation on the real estate market slowly calms so that at the end / beginning of next year is expected to be back with good growth rates for real estate.

These benefits have been recognized by many investors (especially German and Austrian - but also others) companies who set up here their branch offices or manufacturing plants, etc.

You should not miss this chance either...